Podcasting … first of all, what is it?

Well this is how Wikipedia describes podcasting

“A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism derived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, as podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.”

Ok, I know that sounds a little convoluted so very simply it means to record something and then make it available via the web. This may sound like just a geeky idea to you and isn’t relevant to your business but hear me out. It can be very lucrative indeed. Particularly as your competitors are most likely, not doing it.

Why would you want to create podcasts for your business?

Firstly, it’s a great way to get more information out to your potential customers and your existing customers. It also makes things much more personal which has proven to be very successful over and over again. The web is THE No.1 PLACE people go to when they want to find information or to discover something. Let me just repeat that for clarity … THE WEB IS THE No.1 PLACE PEOPLE GO TO FOR INFORMATION.

If you provide that information, then people will come back again and again to discover more. I know from my own personal experience that if I find a website that provides really useful information that I’m looking for, I’ll add it to my favourites and visit it over and over again. I really don’t enjoy looking for something new each time. If I find something good, I stick with it. And that’s the clue …. keep providing good ‘content’ to your website visitors and they’ll keep coming back.

Why podcasting?

Podcasting is just another ‘flavour’ if you like, of the type of content you can provide. It’s usually in audio format so people can press play and listen to it while they are working on something else. Constantly reading information online can get a bit tiring so providing content in a different ‘format’ can hit the right button with people.

Don’t think podcasts are for your biz? Think again.

Bed & Breakfast or Hotel

Even a B&B has something to say. For example, a podcast on what’s happening in the local area over the coming season. Winter is always a difficult time for tourist areas in the UK (unless your a ski resort). Create a podcast discussing your area and it’s uniqueness during winter can bring you extra guests. Interview local restaurants, activity centres or just the locals. By doing this, you are developing yourself as resource for your local area. And you are giving your part of the world a more personal character.

Local Restaurant

A restaurant could create a podcast that discusses what food is in season and the wonderful dishes they create with local and seasonal food. Of course, mentioning special offers and events could also be thrown in. Interviewing restaurant goers would be a fun idea. Obviously you’d need to pick your table carefully but walking around the restaurant one evening, interviewing customers and then creating a podcast with the commentary would be quite fun. Remember to ask permission first and you can easily record with a hand held digital recorder. I use one of these just to record ideas, discussions and meetings.

Garden Centre, Tool Hire or Hardware Store

There’s always seasonal jobs to do around the garden and home. Businesses could create a podcast discussing the typical things that can be done at this time of year. Prevention is always better than fixing later on! What needs to be done in the garden to prepare for the next season. Those types of ideas. You could also get more creative and ask customers for tips and tricks to keep costs down when doing repairs or garden work. This sort of information is worth its weight in gold.

The possibilities are endless!

… Deb