I’ve been working through the FBInfluence program now for a couple of months and thought I would write a FB Influence review of this program for you. There are many Facebook training programs out there and I’ve done my share of them but this one really does stand out in my opinion.

Amy Porterfield is someone you should really pay attention to. I met her while on the Facebook Success Summit last year and thought that her presentations were the best. She spoke clearly, concisely and kept the hype to a minimum. So when this course came out, I felt compelled to sign up and am very glad a I did.

Those of us who know that Facebook is an important part of a business marketing strategy, will also know how difficult it can be to keep up with all the constant changes, new policy guidelines and sometimes just how to do very simple things. Since following Amy, I’ve felt that I have a clear path to follow now. She really knows about Facebook marketing. In fact, that’s all she does and does it very well.

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This program is a compact course of videos and downloadable resources to help you get the maximum out of Facebook for marketing your business. It’s a complete roadmap for creating and leveraging the power of Facebook to get you more website traffic and also to build your business brand online. Everything is covered from setting up your profile right through to Facebook ads. All in simple and clear video tutorials.

Those of you I’ve helped get established on Facebook will really find this program a valuable tool in their online marketing strategy. Amy keeps everything up-to-date so if there’s any changes, they are promptly added to the program unlike so many others where you need to keep buying the new material.

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So what do you get in the FBInfluence program?

Module 1: Includes the core Facebook marketing rules, how to brand your own Facebook page, create a welcome tab, dashboard overview and how to run your community. Plus the latest timeline changes and how to deal with them.

Module 2: How to build your audience on Facebook, how to grow your fan base, how to get leads using Facebook, how to make sure your updates show up on the news feeds of your fans. Plus the best options for social plugins and social sharing.

Module 3: Is all about engaging and developing a relationship with your audience. What to post and when to post it. Strategies for great engagement. How to promote your events on Facebook and also how to track your Facebook success.

Module 4: How to find fans and then turn them into super fans. Use Facebook for great customer service. How to turn your Facebook photos into free Facebook Ads. Tips and strategies for using Facebook ads. Building an online store for your Facebook page. Plus much more.

Bonuses: You’ll get some great bonuses as well. Such as:

  • How to Create Your Social Media Strategy to Rapidly Increase Exposure
  • The Three Step Lead Generating Facebook Blueprint
  • ‘Change is Good’ Exploring Facebook’s New Features
  • How to Cash in on Facebook Places and Deals
  • Turning Fans into Super Fans

Plus you’ll get full access support to Amy’s private Facebook Group to give you all the help you need along the way.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely happy with this program, there is a full money back guarantee. No questions asked. So there’s really nothing to lose.

I thoroughly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to master Facebook for marketing their business. It’s the only one you’ll need.

Have fun with it!

… Deb

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