This is one of my favourite ads from Barclaycard about mobile payments and the history of payments. It portrays how we have used the bartering and payment system from the earliest parts of history. What they are promoting here is mobile payments, if you haven’t already guessed.

I’m not sure yet, as of writing this (October 2011) how long it will take mobile payments to take of here in the UK or even Europe. There are many security issues to be overcome first but the concept is a good one. It will just take time, as it always does, for new ideas to take off. After all, when credit cards first appeared on the scene, people thought it would never take off. Cash was king and credit cards just seemed a passing fad.

Well let’s see how this one pans out. I for one will not be an early adopter, mainly due to the big security glitches. What do you think, leave your comment below.