Facebook have recently changed (again) the way people interact with the content on your Facebook page. In order for people to post content on your page, previously they have to first ‘like’ your page. Now, any user whether they are a fan or not, can post on your page. They can also like and share the content, as well as making comments. This is great news for your Facebook marketing strategy as the focus is now on your engagement with people, rather than just a popularity contest.

What does this now mean for your Facebook page?

Well this has now taken the focus off getting more likes or fans to your page, which may be huge relief. What is now more important, in terms of Facebook marketing,  is the number of shares, comments and likes on your post. This is often called ‘engagement’ and if you look at your Facebook page insights you’ll see this information as ‘People Talking About This’. This activity is what’s important for reaching more people and a vital part of your website marketing strategy.

Facebook engagementThink of it this way, the more people that share, comment and like your posts, the more people your posts are reaching. It’s not just the people who are engaging with your content directly but their friends can also see your content. So, what you say has far reach effects and potential positive results for your Facebook marketing.

So how do you make your posts as engaging as possible?

1. Photos are always eye catching

If they are funny, sad or even controversial, then they are bound to get seen. Photos also tend to get seen more in people’s News feed as they have a higher EdgeRank score. Key is to post often but not much. You want to create variety on your page’s wall. So mix up photos with links and videos for the perfect mix. Also, when posting photos, make sure they look great as smaller images as that’s the size most people will see. Sure you can click on the image for a larger view, but you want people to recognise what’s in the image even when it’s smaller.

2. Don’t talk too much

Just like in real life if you’re talking with someone who goes on and on, you’ll probably switch off at some point. The same goes for your posts, if you ramble on for several paragraphs, most likely people won’t read it. Value people’s time which is always in short supply. Give them something short and sweet. Optimum is around 80 characters or less but play with this. If your page is about something that needs more explanation, then perhaps a longer post is ok. Just keep an eye on your page insights to see how people respond and then adjust your post length.

3. Who are you talking to?

Write your posts as though anyone could be saying it. Talking in the first person is great to keep things personal but that’s just it, it’s personal. Your opinions and views may not be shared by others. So experiment with your wording.

 4. Tell people what you want them to do

Now this is a biggie and I’ve often forgotten myself to ask people to take action. Ask your friends, subscribers, fans (and their friends) to share your posts with all their friends, fans and subscribers. This is what we term a ‘call to action’ and works very well. Ask people to ‘click like if you agree’ or ‘share this with your friends if you like this’ are just a couple of examples. Get creative on how you can ask people to do things. You know your audience best and perhaps being a bit cheeky or even direct works for you.

5. Offer topics that are helpful and provide resources for your fans

Posts that give people something are always valuable. This might be simply just news from your industry or perhaps links to useful articles, photos or videos. It’s important to keep in mind what might be considered valuable to your fans, not just yourself. After a few weeks of posting you’ll be able to see from your Page Insights what people are responding to the most. Get into the mind of your fan and think, ‘what would I find valuable from this business’. Then create that content or link to resources that provide something similar, as long as it doesn’t compete with your business.

6. Try mini blog posts

I know I said don’t talk to much in point 2 but sometimes it can work well to create a ‘mini’ blog post on your Facebook page. This would depend upon the topic but it would be something that warrants a longer post, for example, a good cause or issue that needs further explanation. Facebook now allows you to post up to 5,000 characters so you won’t be restricted. Experiment with this as it’s a good way to offer information quickly without going to the length of writing a full post on your blog, which always takes longer than we think.

 7. Ask questions

If you’re really wanting to get the most from your Facebook page, then start asking questions. Find out from your fans what they’d like to see on your page. After all, they are the ones you want to please and then they will recommend you to others. Ask them what they think of the posts you’ve been offering. Perhaps ask them questions about the problems or issues they have that relate to your industry. It’s a hugely valuable resource and if you then craft your posts to provide exactly what people want, you’ll be a star.


Keep these seven things in mind when you’re posting on Facebook, in fact any social network, and you’ll find much more activity will be the result. Most importantly, have fun!

… Deb